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A complete payment collection solution for your business. The versatility of our platform has the capability to support diverse business categories and models across the globe. You can seamlessly collect payments from around the world using different methods from payment orders, QR codes or payment links.

Order & Invoicing

Send orders to your customers to pay from wherever they are.

QR Codes

Generate QR codes for your customer to scan and pay.

Payment Links

Create & share links to collect money with one click.

Mobile App

Run your business from your pocket. With our mobile app you can manage your business on the go.

Intelligent Dashboard

Take business decisions using insights from real-time data and generate multiple reports.

Branches and Accounts

Separate accounts for maintaining each branch or location of an organization and assign different management roles.

World-Class Security

Our system provides Anti-Fraud Technology and Tamper Protection over the network and can safeguard the integrity and authenticity of the transmitted data. Data at rest is protected in a PCI-DSS environment with Data Vault and HSM (Hardware Security Module)

Quick Settlement

We offer a settlement for merchants within one working day. We also provide Real-Time Settlement for select clients.

Multiple Payment Options

Maximum payment options around the world with a single integration and all the upcoming ones.

Flexible Charges

With Casheer, you can decide who will pay the payment charges. You? The customer? Or split it?

Digital Menus

Create mini eCommerce with our Digital Menu feature. Add items, create the menu with payment links and share.

We Listen

We offer free support 24/7. Our round-the-clock support ensures your business is on track.


Experience a wide array of order generation solutions. We provide a complete payment processing solution for your business. We help you accept payments from your customers online. Simply send the order using our Merchant platform.

We offer different types of orders from Quick Order to Bulk Order to Digital Invoices to creating a mini eCommerce without the hassle of a regular eCommerce. Whether you are a restaurant, clinic or grocery store, this solution will fulfill all your business needs. Join now to experience the magic of payments.

How we work?

Create an invoice
in seconds
Share via SMS or social media
Accept debit & credit card payments

Different Orders for Different Purposes

Quick Order

Generate a quick payment order to send to a specific customer with the requested amount for the service you provided to him. Track the payment status on the application or website.

Digital Order

Create a digital menu from your inventory and post it on your social media accounts and make your followers buy items through this order.

Service Order

Do you have an offer or discount for a certain period or a certain number of customers? The Service Order is your easy solution … Create an order and specify the number of customers where the offer will expire when reached.

Single Order

Do you have customers who still order on the phone? The single order is definitely your solution… Take the order on the phone and send the payment link with a detailed invoice via SMS.

Bulk Order

Do you have periodical collections? Monthly or annually? With Bulk Order, you can upload a list containing the type of collection, amount, receiver names, mobile numbers, and collection dates. Casheer will send collection links automatically.

QR Codes

Catered to suit every business model. A Secured payment collection method that facilitates merchant-to-person (M2P) transactions through a QR code. Generate static or dynamic QR codes and enable your business to receive digital payments without Point-of-Sale devices. Share the QR codes digitally or on your premises and start accepting payments today.

Dynamic QR

Do you have a business and want to let your customers pay contactless? Create a Dynamic QR with a fixed amount and let your customer scan and complete the payment process.

Static QR

Payment now is very easy with static QR code. It gives complete freedom to the customer. He scans the code himself, enters the amount himself and pay contactless.

Payments Links

Creating payment links is not as easy as it is with Casheer. Simplify your payment options with our Payment Link solution. Generate Dynamic or Static Links as per your business need and customer requirement. We offer many features with payment links that fulfill different payment scenarios.

Dynamic Link

The dynamic payment link is an easy way to collect payment. Just enter the invoice value and the phone number, send the link and collect your money as soon as possible with detailed receipts through the application or the website.

Static Link

The static payment link is an excellent solution if you want to enter a payment link and leave the option to the receiver to pay the amount he wants to pay without any obligation.

World Class Security

Protecting your business is serious business to us.

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